Brainstorming during meetings sucks. Period.

Uni gives you the tools to generate ideas so you can focus getting things done rather than who’s going to write on the whiteboard.

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Allow creativity the space & time to happen.

Ideas are endless and ever-evolving, while meetings are discrete and finite. Let the creativity happen on Uni, and turn your “brainstorming” meetings into decision meetings.

Share early & share often with those around you.

Every great idea is preceded by hundreds of not-so-great ones. That’s ok! The sooner you explain it to the people around you, the sooner you’ll see it’s shortcomings and the more time you have to iterate & improve.

Write what you know, when it hits you.

Don’t over complicate it. Complex forms with multiple options just slow you down. Make a habit of getting your thoughts down as they happen, quick and dirty.

Build up ideas as you go.

If you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be brainstorming. Slow down and make sure the answers you’re getting are quality ones. Ask people to respond to questions within areas of their expertise.

Make informed decisions with the right people.

As ideas develop, easily identify the top contributors and bring them into the decision process.

Spark a better future.