Figure out the future of our next hire.

What we do.

We're focused on helping teams foster new ideas, make them the best they can possibly be, and make informed decisions on what to do next.

Cultivate collaboration.

The most robust ideas come from diverse teams. Let your team members work to their strengths as they discuss their creative pursuits.

Recruit your crew

Loop in the right people with the expertise you need. Spark multifaceted conversations amongst peers and be able to guide these exchanges as they unfold.

Ideas are everywhere

Great ideas need space to develop, often more than a single room allows. Work wherever and whenever. Take inspiration from new surroundings and experiences.

Share early & often

Realize that all ideas can be improved upon. The sooner you get feedback on your ideas, the faster they will improve, and the more likely you can turn them into reality.

Balance it better

It doesn’t matter if someone is bold or bashful. The important thing is that everyone has a chance to be heard. Work on a level the playing field and collect all points of view.

Timing is everything

Whether you prefer to work forwards, backwards, or start in the middle, get your thoughts down in the moment so that you’ll have them when it comes time to make a decision.

An idea-forward culture

Give credit where credit is due. Motivate your team by recognizing the efforts of individuals allowing them to advocate for their own ideas and the ideas of their teammates.

A continuous flow of ideas.

Ideas can come at any time, in any order, from anyone. We help keep everyone's ideas organized and provides the tools to improve them.
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Purposefully designed.

Chats, docs, spreadsheets, & to-do lists are great tools, but when it comes to collecting & improving your ideas don’t rely on repurposed software. Promote an idea-forward culture at your workplace with Uni.